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Today's heating systems can be customized to do more than just keep your family warm. A carefully chosen and properly installed furnace will control humidity, in-home cleanliness, odor, and even your health-related issues.

One of the biggest and definitely costliest mistakes homeowners make is buying a furnace that isn't properly sized for their home. Bigger isn't always better.

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The current trend in radiant heating is towards underfloor heating, where warm water is circulated under the entire floor of each room in a building.


A network of pipes, tubing or heating cables is buried in the floor, and a gentle heat rises into the room. Because of the large area of this type of radiator, the floor only needs to be heated a few degrees above the desired room temperature.


These systems are engineered to have a high level of comfort, flexibility and durability.



A Heat Pump is a reverse cycle Air Conditioner, which means that the system both heats and cools. It is a compact Sealed system, similar to a Refrigerator.


A Heat Pump is not just an excellent way of keeping your house or office warm in winter but it also works in reverse and keeps you cool in the summer.

AirMax Refrigeration services and installs all types and brands of heat pumps. For more technical info please click here.



A temperature zoning system is a system that allows to:

  • Support a consistent temperature in a given part of a house, regardless of external conditions, such as sun, rain, snow, clouds, wind, phase of moon, or Philip Morris stock price;

  • Support different temperatures in different parts of the house at different times as desired by the owner. In an essence, each zone will have its own climate.

By delivering heated or cooled air only to in-use areas, zoning eliminates the need to keep unused areas of your home comfortable. Energy-and-cost-savings can be significant!

A properly zoned system can be up to 30% more efficient than a non-zoned system and gives you more control over your home's indoor climate. For example, are you still heating and cooling the rooms of children who have moved out...rooms you use only occasionally? Or do you have an area of your house such as gym or billiard room that doesn't get used daily? Zoning makes good sense by putting you in control of what and when to heat and cool.

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